Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

My sweet Daughter Amy, the mother of three little boys just found out today that she
is having a girl. Nobody is more surprised than her. I am so thankful that she will
have the pleasure of a daughter. We are thankful for all of our children and know
that each one is God's, brought here to do His will. So very thankful for this special gift from above.


  1. It's just me sweetheart! But soon many will be writing and giving their opinions and wishiing you well and congratualating you! I can't wait to see some pictures posted of your your little boy doggies...I haven't even seen him as yet!
    I am up for a few minutes and want to badly to write to my followers and I just cannot as yet.
    Perhaps next week....Monday?
    Time is tick, tocking away so fast Mary!!
    I love you, my True Blue friend!! :)

  2. YOU must post some pictures of your beautiful family! So much happening in your family...:)

  3. Mary..Please do post some pics of your new little doggie...your new flower boxes...

    I need to call...got some news!\

    And thank you sweet girl, for commenting! :)
    I love you!!

  4. Darn it! I wish you would stop working and join me in this endevor of blogging! We could have so much fun!
    Wait until you SEE what is happening at my house!!! YIPPEE!!

  5. Dear Mona,
    So much of our life is obligation....gotta work
    and pay the bills. I am thankful to have a job.
    Right now with so many out of work, it would be
    ungrateful not to appreciate it. I do. What I realize is that sometimes the things that we think are a thorn really are for our best. The
    job has kept me going, even when things are hard. I had the best time in Michigan visiting
    my son and his darling family. I am happy to report that not only did my little Granddaughter like me, she knew just who I was.
    She showed me her picture book of all of her family. Did I say that she is not quite three ?
    We baked cupcakes and had a grand time together. My little Grandson Brody is my Paul all over again....all of his sweetness and smiles. God is so good !
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year's !

  6. Sweet girl...you must update this...and soon! :):)

  7. Mona, I have been doing Facebook but realized that I should be blogging...it is really where
    my interests are....want to change my title and
    work on getting some pics in ....got my camera's and have started taking pics...just need a little help....do you think you can help me get going ? Also need the lady's name of your design service....

  8. Happy Monday ! It has been such a wonderful weekend. On Saturday attended a baby shower for my neice. It was so nice to see family and share such a happy occasion ! Sunday was a nice
    quiet day. Attended church, our Pastor gave his
    sermon from the Holy land ! Afterwards had a quiet day just catching up around the house. Hubby made his speciality, Salmon dinner...it is truly one of my favorite meals...he is a great cook ! Who knew ! Think I have to encourage this !
    Didnt mention that we have a new precious Granddaughter, Aila....her Grandpa's dark curly
    hair and she also looks like her Daddy. Mommy says she is the best little girl ever ! When she does cry, they are surprised because she rarely does....cant wait to see them all again
    soon !