Thursday, September 17, 2009

Julie and Julia Movie ***Three Stars

My friend Mona and I went to see the movie Julie and Julia. What a treat !
The movie was just lovely from beginning to end ! I recommend it very much.
So much is true I believe for us all right now, going through stressful times.
Both of the ladies found themselves through cooking.
I too find cooking "therapy" from the stresses of life. One of my favorite things
to do on my day off is to cook a delicious dinner.
If you get a chance, you who love to cook will love this movie.


  1. I didn't find myself through cooking...but I certainly did through decorating...painting and sewing. Mostly decorating.
    I leave the delicious cooking my beautiful daughters. And the my children's bakery of course. I think they got it from my husband and his family as there were a couple of pro's in his family when it came to cooking. Southern cooking at Aunt Bea's home in Florida..has gone down in my memory as an all time fantastic experience.
    I love you, Mary! Keep the posts coming! This one was wonderful. When you get some photo's I will "profile" because You are going to be a hit! YOU fit on here!

  2. Oh Mary, you MUST take a picture of your cookie cutter and post it. You can even do like bj said and tie a little black with white polka dots bow onto it and sit it on your counter...or..any color for that matter. I have tons of ribbon. Come help yourself. I even have orange for Fall. :)
    IF you put a few pictures on...I will give you a shy thing! I will tell everyone about you! And you will have more than me to contend with! Come brave! You will love everyone..and everyone will adore you just like I do!! :)
    So..make me some doggie cookies... :)
    Hugs from your bestest friend what loves you!