Monday, May 17, 2010

A Special Blessing

We have a special blessing, a new Granddaughter ! Aila Elisabeth was born on March 23rd. She will join her three older brother's who all think she is very special.
What a surprise to see her dark curly hair ! A surprise till we saw her Daddy's baby
pictures ! She is the image of him ! Amazing ! I am so blessed to be the Grandmother
of six Grandchildren who are all so dear. Each one of them has their own personalities and are so loving. Thank you Lord for each and every blessing we have !

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  1. Sweetheart...thank you for stopping by. Yes, Danny IS the image of big Pat. It gets to me at times.
    What a sweet post this was! I loved it. I am so happy for Amy and her husband. They are really having a beautiful family! She will always be a little 9 year old girl to me...always. Time does such amazing things, doesn't it?
    I miss you! It's time for another movie and a lunch out! Yes...I miss you!