Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are the Holidays almost here ?

Well, this holiday has gone by in one big rush....not enough time....hubby and I have
been working way too much. Thankfully, today will be our day to get some holiday shopping done! Most likely with everyone else....he truly hates crowds and I am not far behind we will do our best to get things wrapped up.

Merry Christmas to every one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seattle Visit November 2010

My sister moved to Bainbridge Island Washington last year. I have wanted to visit her
ever since and this month, finially made it there ! She lives in a beautiful spot of
paradise. It was such a fun time seeing all the local sites.
We miss the seasons here in Southern California and it was so wonderful to experience
a true "fall".

Monday, September 27, 2010

Nice Fall Morning.....

Woke way too early this morning for a day off and then fell back asleep. This morning
made a fall favorite muffin, zuchinni nut.....I first tried them at Starbucks and was
so disappointed when I stopped in and they were no longer available.
Found a wonderful recipe on line and have been making them myself ever since.....
my addition is to toast the walnuts with a little butter and a little sugar before putting them on top.....really good !

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time at Home, What a treat !

It is back to work Tuesday this morning...had a nice day yesterday just getting things done around the house, the usual, laundry and cleaning up....
Have been looking at the Pillsbury site for easy recipes and made a Chicken Alfredo
Parmesean was easy and the hub's liked it !
Also made Chicken Cashew Salad for lunches this week....we are having our last days
of summer here, good to have some ready made things in the refrigerator.....
Looking forward to the fall.....have my little fall items out already.....even though
we do not get much of a "fall" here, I live in hope....someday !

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If you could plan your dream home, what would it be like ?

I read recently on another blog that question....if money were no object, what features in a house would you choose ? Interesting question.....
At this stage in my life, almost retirement age, I would choose a classic bungalow
with two bedrooms and a bath upstairs for guests and then the main living quarters all downstairs.
I love the front porches, they are so inviting and remind me of my Grandparents bungalow. I would love wood floors throughout and classic black and white tile in the
baths. Two are just fine.
My kitchen would have an antique O'Keefe and Merrit stove where I could cook to my
hearts content. A butler's pantry could store my food and all of my bakeware collection. I love to bake special cakes for loved ones !
My bedrooms would be spare and easy to clean. I love the old classic Chenille bedspreads with quilts folded at the bottom for afternoon naps !
Some other favorite things are the old glass door knobs that were in my Grandmother's
I love to do laundry and currently have the sweetest laundry room. White cabinets and
green glass knobs. The only thing I would add is a large sink to be able to bathe
my dog....that would be just great !
For colors of walls I love the classic Restoration Hardware greens, beiges, blues
and buttercream. Nice, soft soothing colors.
If I lived in a four season area, my one little luxury would be a four season room
to be able to enjoy the outside, in.....
The landscape would be old classic flowers and roses.....lots and lots of Jackson &
Perkins and David Austin English....Hydrandga's, Heliotrope, Cathedrial Bells, Zinnias.
A raised bed for fresh vegetables and herbs......
It is nice to know that my wishes are not for something grand and actually attainable.Happiness to me would be to appreciate something old and bring it to life.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Special Blessing

We have a special blessing, a new Granddaughter ! Aila Elisabeth was born on March 23rd. She will join her three older brother's who all think she is very special.
What a surprise to see her dark curly hair ! A surprise till we saw her Daddy's baby
pictures ! She is the image of him ! Amazing ! I am so blessed to be the Grandmother
of six Grandchildren who are all so dear. Each one of them has their own personalities and are so loving. Thank you Lord for each and every blessing we have !