Monday, September 27, 2010

Nice Fall Morning.....

Woke way too early this morning for a day off and then fell back asleep. This morning
made a fall favorite muffin, zuchinni nut.....I first tried them at Starbucks and was
so disappointed when I stopped in and they were no longer available.
Found a wonderful recipe on line and have been making them myself ever since.....
my addition is to toast the walnuts with a little butter and a little sugar before putting them on top.....really good !


  1. So sweet cakes...when do I get to taste them. We need to meet again at that little place whose name I have forgotten in the Riverside Plaza!
    I miss you!!
    p.s. I was so surprised when I saw you had commented! I love it when you do!

  2. I have some in the freezer right now....come over anytime.....
    It is going to be your birthday soon....I would love to go to Panera Bakery soon...have someplace
    I need to go to this Monday...are
    you busy Sunday afternoon ?
    I check your site out and keep track of you.....miss you....have been so busy....hopefully things will calm down soon....

  3. Sounds wonderful! I am trying not to bake so much...I'm losing weight and I feel so great! But the Fall recipes are always my favorite! Enjoy your week! We are back in Florida now..enjoying the sunshine! Hugs! ♥