Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seattle Visit November 2010

My sister moved to Bainbridge Island Washington last year. I have wanted to visit her
ever since and this month, finially made it there ! She lives in a beautiful spot of
paradise. It was such a fun time seeing all the local sites.
We miss the seasons here in Southern California and it was so wonderful to experience
a true "fall".


  1. Mary, dear, you are on the move. I see you already have a couple of WONDERFUL followers.
    I don't know the other lady well..but Lavendar Dreamer is a delight...warm..and the sweetest person. I must visit Old Centennial Farmhouse more often. It is so hard to get around.

    Did you know that Debbi at Marionberry Cottage on my sidebar..I think that on the sidebar it is call All In My Cottage has some of the most precious blog designs you ever say and the prices are good. It's only the custom made ones like mine that cost. And even then not that much.
    Debbi has made me one for every season now. Now all I have to do is have her reinstall them each time. NO charge. YOu don't even have to do it yourself.
    Also..Di at The Blue Ridge Gal on my sidebar will do a header for you. She is very good!
    Come see my Christmas house when it is finished! IF I ever get it finished. Mary, I am lagging. Your old friend is slowing down, I'm afraid.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Thanks for your call yesterday has
    been a busy holiday season this year, one with
    lots of work so it has slowed me down on the personal side of things. Need to get into more
    blogs and see what the blogging sisters are up
    to. They and you Mona are a true source of inspiration !