Tuesday, October 25, 2011

God Sends

We had the sweetest yorkie named Lucy. She passed away several years ago very suddenly. We were
heartbroken, especially my husband. I used to call her his girlfriend, she loved him so.
After much thought, I got a little Westie that we named Winston...he is my spunky little guy. But my husband
just missed his dog. I wanted to get him a yorkie but the cost at this time held me back.
I met a young lady who needed to find a home for her yorkie and so we now have Preston in our lives.
Hub's named him !
He has all the sweetness and devotion of our Lucy. Thank you God for caring and sending him to us !


  1. I loved this post. Please snap a few photo's of your new baby so we can see. If you need help with the download..I can help. I think it's just a time thing. I can't wait until your pictures start showing up.
    A couple of your followers are my favorites.
    So...lets do lunch soon! SOON! We can meet at Panera's again. Ok?
    Love and hugs,

  2. Sweet story and how blessed they are to be in your home! It is amazing how these little fur babies come into our lives. I have 2 Meltese dogs that came to us at different times and different homes. We love them to pieces! Yes, God sent!