Friday, February 4, 2011

Don't Waste a Day

My family is here visiting. Most of the time we are here , just us chickens, my hubby
and I. Certainly not what I planned but they have good lives and their own lives.
When I think of that I am very grateful and happy that they do. After all, we really
do make our own way in this world.

It reminds me to not waste a single minute wishing for what is not to be. To make the
most of the life that God has given me and to be content in all things.


  1. You spoke the answer for all of us, I think. Be happy in all's for the best. I have adjusted. I had no choice...and would have chosen to "adjust" had I been given one. Perhaps I was.
    I hope your visit with the family was wonderful! I know you look forward to those times.

  2. Hi Mona, we really do have a choice, sometimes
    I have spent way too much time wishing for what
    is not to be, in that I wasted the precious time I did have. So going forward, pray for them, try to do what I can and make the most of
    where I have been planted for this time. God has a plan for it all.